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A Day in The Life

I recently received a message from an old friend letting me know that he had an extra spot in a “pretty prestigious” tournament coming up in a few days, wondering if I’d be available to join. It just happened to fall on a Tuesday, which is my weekly golf day, so I let him know I was in. I had no idea what kind of day I was in for, and it turned out to be a day that I will never forget. Continue reading “A Day in The Life”

Waukewan Wednesdays

One of the greatest things about golf is the transcending nature of the game. On just about any course, whether you are stepping up to the tee, or walking down the fairway, you are taken miles away from your daily life. Anything that routinely causes any level of stress in your world is lifted away like it was struck with a high-lofted wedge. Continue reading “Waukewan Wednesdays”

Pack your bags!

So, you’ve brought your clubs down from their Winter storage space in your closet. You’ve set your goals for the upcoming golf season. You’ve hit a couple of buckets at the range. And now, you and your friends have some free time Continue reading “Pack your bags!”

Spring has sprung…sorta

Some of us who consider ourselves “die-hard” golfers have already been out and played a couple rounds this year. But along with that joy we get around this time of year, we’ve also had to suffer through those few intermittent snowfalls and cold snaps that have disrupted our Spring. However, looking back Continue reading “Spring has sprung…sorta”

A Hidden Gem in The Valley

You may not think of golf when you think of a campground. It’s probably the thoughts of cold beer or s’mores around the campfire that come to mind, but that’s about to change. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ruin your ideals of the great American pastime of enjoying a few days of outdoor living, but rather give you a different perspective on one of southern New Hampshire’s family campgrounds. Continue reading “A Hidden Gem in The Valley”

Welcome to

Hello, and let me welcome you to This site is intended to provide you with everything you need to know so you can fully enjoy your round of golf and truly make the most of your day. Continue reading “Welcome to”

Save The Derryfield

The Derryfield Country Club in Manchester is doing some construction work this summer, and as a result will only have 9 holes open. The “Old 9″ as it’s known, is a fun, relatively easy course with a couple of dogleg par 4s and a mouth-watering par 3 that seems to beg for an ace. Continue reading “Save The Derryfield”

Foliage Along the Fairways

For a few weeks a year in New England, the trees shed their there emerald green leaves and put on a display of colors that eases your eyes and soothes your soul. The festive Fall foliage found in New Hampshire is often revered as the grandest of grand stages on which to view this seasonal delight. Continue reading “Foliage Along the Fairways”

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