For a few weeks a year in New England, the trees shed their there emerald green leaves and put on a display of colors that eases your eyes and soothes your soul. The festive Fall foliage found in New Hampshire is often revered as the grandest of grand stages on which to view this seasonal delight.


Unfortunately, those few short weeks fade quickly as those same leaves that were hanging above gently flutter to the ground. The trees that held the colors are now bare, and the bitter thoughts of the inevitable shrills of a winter cold become ominous in our minds.


Do yourself a favor and do not miss out on the wonderful opportunity that we have the golf in this truly unique setting. When you’re in the middle of the fairway in the fall, you often find yourself looking around at the splendor surrounding you. This can be a very surreal and transcending experience. If you want a great golf photo of yourself, there’s really no better time of year to snap a pic. If you want to enjoy the foliage as more of a leaf-peeper, most courses are lined with trees, presenting an amazing canvas of color. If you just want to enjoy a nice, quiet round, the courses tend to be a little less crowded, and have seasonal discounted greens fees.


Need any more reason? I didn’t think so. Be sure to set aside some time later this year so you can get out and enjoy a truly unique experience right here in our great state of New Hampshire. But remember, this is a limited time offer. So grab a playing partner, stop on your way out and grab a jug of some apple cider or a nice pumpkin latte, bring your phone and snap some pics, and play a round like you’ve never played before.